Make your usual meals, snacks, and drinks a little healthier with the power of vegetables.
We deliver delicious vegetables that everyone from children to adults can enjoy.

- What is Vegemin -

Using our unique technology, we process vegetables into powder while preserving their nutritional value.
Reborn into a new product


Vegetables of any color, shape, or size can be reborn into new shapes.


Not only the nutrition but also the color and aroma come from vegetables. We deliver products that you can enjoy with peace of mind.


We strive to develop products so that people can eat vegetables as deliciously as possible.

customer's voice


Fluffy and easy to eat!
You can also feel the sweetness of the vegetables,
It was very delicious.

Female in her 20s

It didn't use margarine and had plenty of vegetables, so it was safe for my child to eat.

Female in her 30s

Even my daughter, who doesn't like vegetables, ate them easily. I especially liked the tomatoes!

Female in her 30s

It was very delicious. It's great that you can get so much nutrition just from bread.

40's female

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vegetable powder set

vegetable powder set

vegetable powder set

Regular price ¥3,000

Vegemin is a vegetable powder made by concentrating the nutrition of vegetables.
You can add vegetables to your regular meals, snacks, and drinks.

·Internal capacity
Tomato Blend 30g (10 servings)
Spinach blend 30g (10 servings)
Pumpkin blend 30g (10 servings)

Tax included.

our technology


By reducing the effects of heat and oxidation, we can reduce the effects of heat and oxidation by turning vegetables into powder in a short time while preserving their color, aroma, and nutritional components, making it possible to improve processing suitability and extend the expiration date.

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Make vegetables easier




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