VegetaBAR pumpkin (5 pieces)

VegetaBAR pumpkin (5 pieces)

VegetaBAR pumpkin (5 pieces)

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  • Flavor and nutrition of vegetables
  • Nutritional content of vegetables equivalent to one serving of salad

These biscuits are made with Vegemin, a vegetable powder made by concentrating the nutrition of vegetables.

We have made Vegemin into a biscuit bar so that you can eat vegetables more easily.

Pumpkin-flavored VegetaBAR is characterized by its gentle sweetness. If you keep this in your drawer or bag, you can have a snack anytime without feeling guilty.

Contents: 5 bottles (25g x 5 bottles)
Ingredients: Barley flour, almonds, honey, reduced starch syrup, raw sugar, vegetable powder (pumpkin, carrot), indigestible dextrin, egg, olive oil, salt Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, store at room temperature

Nutritional information (per bottle):
Energy 112kcal, protein 2.4g, fat 4.9g, carbohydrate 15.7g, sugar 13.4g, dietary fiber 2.3g, salt equivalent 0.5g

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