"Turning vegetables into powder while preserving their color, aroma, and nutritional content"

By using our technology, we can turn vegetables into powder while preserving their color, aroma, and nutritional content better than conventional vegetable powders.

We have been working on research and development since 2015 to produce vegetable powder using this technology. At first, we couldn't even grind the vegetables, but we kept thinking about how we could grind them and how we could produce powder that retained its ingredients, and finally we were able to stably produce vegetable powder. I did. Of course, we are currently conducting research and development to produce even higher quality vegetable powder.

Vegetables contain all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, but about 90% of vegetables are water. Vegemin, the vegetable powder we make, is made by pulverizing this to remove moisture and concentrate the nutrients of the vegetables. By powdering, 100g of vegetables is concentrated to just 10g. Of course, it retains the taste and aroma of the original vegetables. Studies have shown that powders retain 80% of the nutritional content (protein, vitamins, minerals) of raw vegetables . Moreover, since the powder does not contain water, bacteria will not grow, so if it is unopened, it has a shelf life of 2 years.

One bag of Vegemin, which uses vegetable powder like this, contains the nutritional nutrients of one salad. We use only agricultural products as raw materials so that you can consume vegetables more easily and with peace of mind.

Just like vegetables. Using Vegemin, you can enjoy a rich diet that allows you to easily consume vegetables.

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