Q. Where are the raw vegetables produced?
A. The production area of ​​raw vegetables changes depending on the season, but we use all domestic vegetables.
Q. Can it be stored at room temperature?
A. Unopened items can be stored at room temperature. Although it can be stored at room temperature after opening, we recommend refrigerating it during the rainy season and summer.
Q. The powder has turned whitish. Is it okay to eat it?
A. The color becomes lighter when exposed to air. There is no problem if you consume it, but please use it as soon as possible.
Q. Do you use food additives?
A. We do not use any preservatives, sweeteners, coloring agents, or flavorings, so please use it with confidence.
Q. When is the expiration date?
A. It is two years from the date of manufacture.
Q. Is it okay to use residual pesticides?
A. Currently, we basically use domestic vegetables that are available on the market. Therefore, residual pesticides will never exceed the standard value. Additionally, we do not believe that large amounts of residual pesticides will be detected as the vegetables are thoroughly washed during the powdering process.
Q. How many bags can I take per day?
A. Vegemin is a new form of vegetable that does not contain additives. However, if you take a large amount at once, it will exceed the amount your body can absorb, so please limit your use to 3 bags at a time.
Q. I made an inquiry, but I have not received a reply.
A. If you do not receive a reply for more than 3 business days, you may have been set up to refuse to receive emails. Please note that emails may be set to be automatically rejected or sent to your spam folder.
Q. Is there a cooling off period?
A. Cooling-off is a system that applies to door-to-door sales and telemarketing sales. Purchases made on this site are mail order and are not subject to the cooling off period.