Vegetable bread

A unique mixture of wheat flour, whole grain flour, and vegetable powder is baked into fluffy bread.

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    Special points

    We have made our products using healthy ingredients so that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy them with peace of mind.

    rich aroma

    This vegetable bread is characterized by the rich aroma of wheat and vegetables. We mixed vegetable powder into our uniquely formulated dough to create a bread that is slightly sweet even as it is, and can be enjoyed by a wide range of people from children to adults.

    vegetable nutrition

    Using special technology, we process domestic vegetables into powder while preserving their color, aroma, and nutrition. One bag of Petitpan provides the same amount of dietary fiber as one head of lettuce.
    (Calculated based on the Japanese Food Standard Composition Table 2020 edition)

    quality raw materials

    We use vegetable powder, olive oil, and butter without using coloring or preservatives to deliver bread that is gentle on the body.

    customer's voice


    Fluffy and easy to eat!
    You can also feel the sweetness of the vegetables,
    It was very delicious.

    Female in her 20s

    It didn't use margarine and had plenty of vegetables, so it was safe for my child to eat.

    Female in her 30s

    Even my daughter, who doesn't like vegetables, ate them easily. I especially liked the tomatoes!

    Female in her 30s

    It was very delicious. It's amazing how much nutrition you can get from just bread.

    40's female

    Tomato's Petit Pan

    The flavor and sourness of tomato is delicious.

    spinach bread

    Arranged into a fruit sandwich

    Pumpkin bread

    Gentle sweetness that is easy to eat as is