Vegemin Spinach (10 servings)

Vegemin Spinach (10 servings)

Vegemin Spinach (10 servings)

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  • Nutritional content of vegetables equivalent to one serving of salad
  • Ingredients are only vegetables, no additives

Vegetable powder Vegemin is made by concentrating it "tightly".

Spinach blend is made by blending spinach, burdock, and pumpkin powder, which are rich in dietary fiber from vegetables.

Spinach-flavored vegetable powder has a matcha-like taste and can be mixed into drinks such as milk or used in making sweets.

Please use 1 teaspoon or 3g per serving as a guide.
When dissolving in liquid, 1 cup per 100mL
When mixing it into dishes, we recommend 1 cup per 100g (2 eggs).

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Contents: 30g
Ingredients: spinach, burdock, pumpkin
Origin of raw materials: Japan
Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, store at room temperature

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