Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

1 Operator

Name: Green Ace Co., Ltd.Address: [Head Office]
3 Kurakoji, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture

Representative: Shinnosuke Nakamura, Representative Director and President Contact form: https://greenase.jp/contact/
Email address: info@greenase.jp
Phone number: Will be disclosed immediately if there is an inquiry.

2 Product sales price

Displayed on the product purchase page.

3 Shipping fee

The shipping cost for shipping the product is included in the product price.
The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs for re-delivery, except for exchanges where the product is defective or missing quantity.

4 Product delivery period

After payment is confirmed, the product will be shipped to arrive at the pick-up date and time specified by the customer. The customer can specify the date and time for receiving the product between the Wednesday of the week that falls on the Sunday and the Tuesday of the following week, starting from the Sunday following the payment date. The second and subsequent shipments under the subscription contract will be shipped every four weeks, at the same time as the first shipment, unless a request is made to change the delivery date and time using a method separately determined by the Company.

5 Timing and method of payment

Credit card payment, Apple Pay.

Payment timing is determined by the Terms of Use.

6 Return conditions

[Returns due to customer convenience]
We do not accept returns due to incorrect shipping address information registered by the customer, delayed receipt, refusal of receipt, or any other circumstances not attributable to our company. If the customer wishes to have the product delivered again after the product is returned to us due to these circumstances, it will be a separate order and the customer will be required to pay the full price and shipping fee separately.

[Returns if the product is defective or lacking in quantity]

If there is a defect in the product or a shortage in quantity, and only if any of the following cases does not apply, you may request a replacement of the product by contacting us regarding the defect or shortage in quantity. We will cover the shipping costs for returns.

  1. If more than 7 days have passed since you received the product
  2. If the product is opened or used, excluding packaging materials for shipping;
  3. If the product is damaged or soiled by the customer
  4. If the product does not have a package
  5. In addition to the provisions of the preceding items, if our website specifically states that returns are not possible.

7 Conditions regarding cancellation

If you wish to cancel a regular purchase contract for a product, you must apply for cancellation by the Sunday three weeks after the date of delivery of the product and have it accepted, thereby canceling your next purchase of this product. I can.

8 Subscription agreement

  • Product purchase contracts will automatically continue unless canceled.
  • Payments are made monthly.
  • You can cancel your contract at any time as provided in the preceding paragraph, but depending on when you apply for cancellation, you may still be charged a fee even after you apply for cancellation.
  • Please check the purchase page for details on price, shipping time, and other sales conditions.

9 Our liability for damages

Depends on the terms of use.

10 Application expiration date

If there is an expiration date for a specific application due to a campaign, etc., the expiration date will be displayed on our website or purchase page.

11 Limitations on product sales quantities and other special sales conditions

For products that have special sales conditions, those conditions will be displayed on the purchase page of each product.

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